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                          Cultivating Deep Listening and Spiritual Companionship...on purpose
Our truest human self, connected to the Core of Life, is like an acorn, containing everything we need for life in fullness. We need care-filled cultivation in intentional environments to help us awaken and grow our capacities and then share this expanding experience with others.  We believe honing the art and skills of Deep Listening and Spiritual Companionship uniquely equips us to walk alongside others toward such fullness. Might God/Divine Source be extending loving invitations for you to cultivate Deep Listening and Spiritual Companionship within your life's work? Might listening others into Life resonate with you?  Allow us to companion you on this adventure of saying YES.   



“Way of the Heart” is an online 8-week learning cohort that equips participants to experience the transformational power of pause, centered living, intentional responses, generous listening, and unique Love-based expressions. Through large and small group interactions we welcome all to be themselves as we enrich personal capacities, enhance connections, engage resources to navigate challenges and opportunities, and embody whole-person contemplative practices, all leading toward life’s fullness and sustainable impact in any season of life. 

We strongly suggest taking this training if you are interested to register for our “Gateways to God: training in missional spiritual direction” in the future.

NOTE:  Current cohort is closed.  For more information please contact Rolling Ridge.

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"Gateways to God" is a two-year cohort training in Missional Spiritual Direction. 

We define Spiritual Direction as the art and skill of spiritual companionship, paying loving attention to God’s presence and invitations within the everyday events and rhythms of our lives.

We understand Missional as living and listening deep into Spirit and wide into our world.

NOTE:  The current cohort is underway.  We are taking requests and registrations for upcoming cohorts.

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Deep Listening
in the Neighborhood

This NEW series advances our work as  

spiritual companions/deep listeners by focusing on pertinent current topics arising in our various neighborhoods.  This series offers conversation, spiritual practices, deeper listening skills and peer supervision opportunities in order to engage with deeper presence with the particular neighborhoods where we are called.  In preparation for this new series beginning Fall of 2023, we encourage you to participate in this topic:

  • March 2, 2023: Lamenting Loss & Celebrating Life through Deep Listening (online)

Previous Topics

  • September 29, 2022:  Listening Wide - an introduction to Deep Listening in the Neighborhood (closed)

  • October 27, 2022: Deep Listening-Attending to Whispers in Tumultuous Times (closed)

  • December 1, 2022:  Tuning into God's New Thing through Deep Listening (closed)

  • January 19, 2023: Embodying God's Justice through Deep Listening (closed)

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